Broad Ripple Roadway Construction Begins Soon

Broad Ripple Roadway Construction Begins Soon

Over the next year, Broad Ripple will undergo a construction facelift to provide much needed improvements to infrastructure including wider sidewalks, increased lighting, sewer/storm water capacity adjustments, and development of the Riverwalk. While this construction will present challenges to vehicular access, the Department of Public Works is anticipating and responding to as many of those issues as possible. Information on both this project and a concurrent project to improve the bridge over the canal on College Avenue are below.

College Ave Bridge Construction

  • Construction on the bridge over the canal north of the intersection of College and Broad Ripple Avenue expected to begin on or after April 4.
  • Westfield Blvd will be open one-way northeast-bound at the intersection with College Avenue.
  • During this time, north- and southbound College Avenue will be closed for all vehicular, pedestrian, and bike traffic except for the IndyGo Red Line.
  • Traffic for the Red Line Northbound & Southbound will be maintained.
  • Anticipated completion is late summer or early fall 2022.

Broad Ripple Avenue Construction

  • Utility relocation begins March 28 and will last approximately four months.
  • Once utility relocation is completed, Broad Ripple Avenue will be completely closed for approximately 135 days between College and Winthrop Avenues. Construction will be phased one block at a time in this area.
  • Broad Ripple Avenue from Primrose to Winthrop Avenues will be under construction but traffic is expected to have full access to roadway.
  • Carrollton, Guilford, Winthrop Avenues and Westfield Blvd. will also see phased construction.
  • Pedestrian access will be flexible with existing sidewalks open during storm sewer installation. Access will move to paved street when sidewalk reconstruction occurs.
  • There will be business-focused signage for pedestrian detours.
  • Construction is expected from Summer 2022 through Spring 2023.
  • The project will install new, large diameter storm pipes, manholes and curb inlets along Broad Ripple Avenue from Primrose Avenue to College Avenue to improve storm water capacity, reduce flooding and improve water quality.
  • Minor storm water improvements will be made along portions of Carrollton, Guilford and Winthrop Avenues.
  • Pavement and sidewalk replacement from College Ave. to Monon crossing

It’s important for business owners to know that the contractor plans to maintain access to businesses at all times during construction. If it becomes necessary to temporarily restrict access, businesses will be contacted in advance and alternatives, including installing temporary drives or other access points, can be discussed.

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