Better Access, Lower Costs

Better Access, Lower Costs

The logistics of getting to the doctor’s office can often be a pain and costs can climb quickly when your employees are visiting multiple facilities and networks. To bring greater treatment efficiency and help control costs, many organizations have been establishing their own on-site clinics. This has led to great returns for employers and increased accessibility, affordability, and convenience for employees.


Primary Clinic Opened at State Government Center

The State of Indiana has opened an on-site clinic at the Indiana Government Center in partnership with Indianapolis-based OurHealth. More than 16,000 state employees and their family members live or work nearby. The Government Center Clinic by OurHealth will now be providing comprehensive primary and immediate care medical services to covered employees and their families.

“Indiana is making great strides to improve quality of life for Hoosiers – and that includes improving access to healthcare,” Gov. Eric J. Holcomb said. “Offering medical care when and where it is most convenient for employees not only makes for a better workplace, it supports overall wellness.”

OurHealth uses a model that leverages technology and data to learn unique organizational challenges and inform custom healthcare solutions addressing the needs of each workforce. The company’s model is designed to address three factors – patient access, quantifiable health improvements, and overall cost. Each solution embraces the growing body of research confirming more focused time with patients leads to a higher standard of care, and in turn, predictable savings.

Clinic providers are empowered to spend quality time with each patient, which further enhances individualized treatment plans and results in greater patient success.

“OurHealth provides employees and their families with the healthcare they need, when and where they need it, all while saving them and their employers a lot of money,” said OurHealth co-founder and CEO, Ben Evans. “As an Indiana-based company, we’re thrilled to partner with the State of Indiana to improve the health of thousands of Hoosiers while also generating measurable savings for Indiana taxpayers.”

Clients with on-site clinics have an average savings of 17 percent on health plan costs through better management of chronic conditions, ER avoidance and reduced lab and drug costs. The company’s Indiana clients include a wide range of employers, including CNO Financial Group, Ice Miller, the Indianapolis Airport Authority, and the City of Indianapolis.


Auto Parts Manufacturer Opens On-Site Clinic

NTN Driveshaft, a Columbus-based manufacturer of automotive components, opened an on-site clinic for its 225+ employees in Anderson in partnership with Indiana University Health. Now, employees will be able to receive primary care services, occupational medicine, health coaching, workplace ergonomics services, and others.

“We are excited to provide our associates and their family members with a convenient and cost-effective resource for quality health care,” said NTN Driveshaft Anderson Inc. Human Resources Manager Teresa Amburgey during announcements about the clinic.

IU Health has a network of other on-site clinics throughout the state at municipal facilities, school corporations, and other private sector locations. Officials with the university explained these clinics improve employee wellness, reduce time away from work, and lowers employer health costs.


RV Parts Manufacturer Adds Clinic for 400 Employees

The Bristol-based Robert Weed Corporation recently established a new on-site clinic in partnership with Beacon Health System. Several years ago, company officials made wellness a goal for their 400+ employees and set about developing a proactive approach to health that addresses concerns before they become major health issues. Part of addressing these concerns involved making medical appointments more convenient, so the decision to launch an on-site clinic was a natural fit for the manufacturer. Today, the new clinic is open for employees two days a week staffed by a nurse practitioner. Multiple services are offered at the site, including bloodwork, an EKG, and wellness exams.


FCA Sets Clinic Between its Five Indiana Plants

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US (FCA) opened a physician-led, primary care clinic in Kokomo to exclusively service employees and their families. The FCA Family Health and Wellness Center, developed in partnership with St. Vincent Health, is centrally located near the five FCA plants in the area, which comprise one of the largest automotive transmission complexes in the world.

FCA established the Kokomo clinic to create a more personalized and distinct health care experience. Approximately 40 percent of FCA employees did not have a primary care physician before the new clinic was founded, which meant many of them were visiting places like emergency rooms and urgent care facilities for proactive or preventative treatment.

The new clinic will provide a perfect venue for managing chronic conditions such as hypertension. The clinic staff will consist of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and behavioral health specialists. Staff will also include a physical therapist, x-ray technician, pharmacist, chronic disease manager and patient health advocate.


Healthcare Made Easy and Affordable

Given the added convenience and affordability that on-site clinics present, it’s clear their use among Indiana organizations is poised to continue growing. Perhaps the most important takeaway is that more Hoosier workers will have easy access to treatment they might have otherwise put off or skipped all together, meaning companies will get healthier and likely more productive. In that regard, the returns will keep piling up for on-site clinics.

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