Nonprofit Using ‘Beer Goggles’ and Golf Carts to Inform Youth about Drunk Driving

Nonprofit Using ‘Beer Goggles’ and Golf Carts to Inform Youth about Drunk Driving

What might seem like a silly game on the surface can actually make a strong impression among young people about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Porter County Substance Abuse Council (PCSAC) has been providing an eye-opening experience in the form of “beer goggles” that distort the vision of a person as they drive a golf cart on a prepared course. The exercise simulates the impairment of drunk driving and leaves a lasting impact, motivating young people to consider alternatives to driving under the influence.

PCSAC is eager to bring this lesson to more members of the community. Churches, schools, and other organizations are encouraged to contact PSCAC to establish a time and place for an event. Coordinators can be reached at (219) 462-0946.

“What I find most striking about this exercise is how the perceptions of the students shift so quickly. At first, they see this as a fun game. Then they try to navigate through several cones on a golf cart while wearing these goggles. Most are unable to finish, and they come away from the experience with the sense that drunk driving is never worth it. It’s dangerous and there is always a better alternative,” said Dawn Pelc, PCSAC executive director and Drug Free Communities project director.

For more information on how the goggles and golf cart exhibit can be added to your next community event, please contact PCSAC at (219) 462-0946 or

The Porter County Substance Abuse Council is a community resource and referral nucleus that provides support to any public and private non-profit agencies, as well as federal, state, local and tribal governments working to prevent and reduce substance abuse in our community. PCSAC can be reached at (219) 462-0946 or by visiting

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