Aviation Training Takes Off in Indiana

Aviation Training Takes Off in Indiana

Supply chain networks make the economic world go round, and a big part of those networks exists in the skies over our heads. Without more men and women to keep commerce flying, business throughout the globe will struggle. That’s why organizations in Indiana have made diverse aspects of aviation education a priority. Over the last few months, big projects have been announced that are each going to be taking learning to new heights.


New Aviation Campus 

Image from Republic Airways.

Aviation education is taking flight here in Indiana. Republic Airways is moving its training activities and corporate headquarters to Carmel, IN. The company is one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S.

Along with the new headquarters, the site will include a high-tech training facility for pilots, technicians, flight attendants and other positions within the airline. It’s expected to be a huge economic driver, brining approximately 1,900 new jobs with estimated annual wages of $150 million. Several training centers from throughout the country will be consolidated in Carmel.

The 105,000 square-foot training facility will be three stories tall and visible to travelers on nearby U.S. 31, providing passersby with a unique view of pilot-training simulators through large bay windows that will face the highway. An “eagle’s nest” viewing deck will allow visitors, school students, and other aviation partners a unique view of the excitement of aviation.

Construction will begin with the training facility, which will include 20 classrooms, 94 workstations, two cabin trainers and eight flight simulators. After the corporate headquarters is constructed, four more classrooms will be added along with two more flight simulators.

The hotel adjacent to the training center will be expanded to 274 rooms and used exclusively as accommodations for trainees, visiting instructors, business partners, and colleagues traveling to the aviation campus. Training and recertification classes are scheduled consistently throughout the year. Airline employees in training will be able to live on site during the course of their training.

Kite Realty Group Trust is the master developer of the project along with Pure Development. RATIO Architects has designed the buildings with a fresh modern architectural style reflective of technical nature of the facility.


Flight Training Enters New Age

The Flight Operations team at LIFT Academy, a flight and maintenance training program at the Indianapolis International Airport, recently received FAA approval on its computer-based training for their instrument rating course. There are only a handful of other flight schools in the U.S. with this distinction. LIFT is the only such school in Indiana.

The new curriculum is customized to and aligned with airline-focused flight training and LIFT’s accelerated pace. LIFT trains its students for airline readiness, and its pilots learn flows, callouts, maneuvers, and procedures that replicate airline methods beginning on day one in the program.

The new digital, computer-based training takes traditional flight training a step further and creates an interactive experience for its students. It promotes individualized learning, enabling students to progress through the program while also retaining lessons from previous courses as they accelerate through their flight training.


Flight Degree Program Expands

A new partnership between Purdue University Global and the Cincinnati-based Lunken Flight Training Center aims to address demand for aviation professionals over the next 20 years. Purdue Global’s program is designed to get students flying immediately, shortening the timeline to becoming a professional pilot in order to meet the growing demand.

Students accepted into the program will complete their Bachelor of Science degree courses online through Purdue Global, which includes aviation and general education classes, while completing professional flight training at Lunken Flight Training Center or one of several other Purdue Global affiliates across the country. During flight training, students will work toward earning certificates and ratings in instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and certified flight instructor.

Upon reaching certified flight instructor status, students enrolled in the program can begin teaching others and earn compensation for their work in addition to earning flight hours. Students will also be able to earn additional flight experience required by airlines and corporate flight departments to get hired as professional pilots.


Keeping Business Soaring

The Hoosier state is wasting no time when it comes to developing and enrolling more people in aviation programs. The world, and particularly its industries, need more pilots to keep business soaring. With more programs like these becoming established in Indiana, our state could become a global destination for flight education and training that will help keep our economy lifted well into the future.

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