Aflac Grants $100K to Community HealthNet

Aflac Grants $100K to Community HealthNet

Aflac and Community HealthNet held an event to announce the awarding of a $100,000 Aflac CareGrant. Community HealthNet will put the grant toward various grassroots initiatives such as developing a community farm to support the organization’s diabetes and nutrition programs, supporting Community HealthNet’s oral health services, purchasing lifesaving vaccines and medications for underserved populations, and enabling new hires to build and maintain patient relationships.

Following a check presentation and speaking remarks, Aflac, Community HealthNet and Mayor Prince unveiled an Aflac Park Bench, a natural space of rest, reflection, peace, and comfort for the Gary community.

Aflac’s CareGrants program supports Aflac’s commitment to supporting organizations that are helping close the gap for individuals and communities currently suffering from or highly exposed to medical debt. The program is informed by the Aflac Care Index, a nationwide study examining Americans’ awareness of and exposure to debt resulting from medical bills not covered by insurance. The Aflac Care Index identified 11 U.S. states that over-index (above the national average) for vulnerability to medical debt due to lack of savings; Indiana was among the 11 states identified as having the most medical debt exposure.

Aflac selected Community HealthNet for its unwavering commitment to providing access to quality care and serving the needs of all individuals.

The Aflac Park Bench is a physical manifestation of the commitments Aflac makes to educate, support and advocate to help close the gap; the organization installs Park Benches in highly exposed communities where it awards CareGrants to organizations that are working to close the health and wealth gap.


Photo caption:

Pictured are: Virgil Miller, President, Aflac US; Dr. Janet Seabrook, Community HealthNet; Deputy Mayor Trent McCain, City of Gary. (Photo from Aflac Studios.)

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