Adams Co. Economic Development Launches New Brand

Adams Co. Economic Development Launches New Brand

The Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) is excited to announce the launch of the corporation’s long anticipated new brand. In May 2021, the ACEDC began the Brand Initiative process with the goal of better aligning with the strategic Vision & Mission of the Corporation. This new brand is now activated.

The Adams County Economic Development Corporation was created in 1988, as a not-for-profit entity (501c4), to undertake the task of business development in Adams County. The ACEDC functions in the same capacity in 2022, with efforts including Business Retention Expansion, Business Attraction, Talent Development, and Quality of Life. The ACEDC serves Adams County and its various municipalities including; Decatur, Monroe, Berne, and Geneva.

“Branding is a vital component for any organization, and we felt it was time for a fresh look for the ACEDC,” stated Executive Director Colton Bickel. Today, the ACEDC unveils the Brand Initiative that has encompassed several new identity items for the ACEDC, including a Vision & Mission, New Logo, Color Scheme, Core Values, and the development of a New Website.

This New Logo reflects the organization’s approach to business retention/attraction and building community through the blocked buildings and an overview look of a city street setting. It also represents the ACEDC, as each letter can be found within the logo symbol. The new color scheme also reflects the ideals of the ACEDC as Trustworthy, Determined, Balanced, and Joyful.

“This is a long time coming, and we as an organization could not be more excited. We have been working hard over the past several years for this initiative and it is a thrill to see it presented to our community. We hope this fresh face brings about a fresh understanding of the ACEDC and the work we put into making Adams County a place that businesses and individuals have the opportunity to thrive,” said Colton Bickel, Executive Director.

The Brand Initiative also included a new website. The website was created to be used as a resource for site selectors, current businesses, and residents of Adams County. The new site offers easier navigation, demographic profiles, incentive information, elected local government contacts, and more. Check out the new website by visiting

The ACEDC would like to thank and congratulate Reusser Design on their incredible work in creating the logo and brand personality, along with the development of the new website.

The organization is proud to unveil this Brand Initiative and encourages all business and residents of Adams County and beyond to connect to the ACEDC via our website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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