3D Printed Casting Tech Draws Japanese Investment

3D Printed Casting Tech Draws Japanese Investment

Sumitomo Corporation and Kimura Foundry Co., Ltd. have concluded an agreement, under which Sumitomo will invest in Kimura Foundry America, Inc. to hold a 35 percent interest in this U.S. subsidiary of Kimura Foundry, which engages in the manufacture of prototype casting using 3D printing technology.

In the automobile, construction machinery, and industrial equipment fields, sand casting is widely adopted for the manufacture of components. In this method, it could take several weeks to several months to make the patterns. Kimura Foundry introduced the 3D printing equipment of sand molds which eliminates the need to make patterns from sand casting process. With this method, a sand mold can be completed in one day.

Sumitomo Corporation has long been engaged in the overseas sales of castings made by Kimura Foundry. Through investment in KFA, Sumitomo Corporation is aiming to generate synergy effects between the business and the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s business such as auto parts manufacturing, while making effective use of its overseas customer network to expand the prototype casting business across the fields of construction and agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, and others.

Sumitomo and Kimura will push ahead with the expansion of the business in Europe and Asia in addition to the United States, hoping eventually to support the development of related industries around the world.

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