$28M Investment for Infrastructure Improvements

$28M Investment for Infrastructure Improvements

Mayor Tom Henry and the City of Fort Wayne’s Public Works Division announced that nearly $28 million in neighborhood infrastructure improvements will occur throughout the community during the upcoming construction season.

Government and neighborhood leaders gathered near the east-west alley between Washington Boulevard, Wayne Street, Jackson Street, and Union Street in the West Central neighborhood, a location that will see brick alley improvements.

All four quadrants of the City will see enhancements through investments that will include sidewalks, alleys, street lighting, concrete street reconstruction, asphalt resurfacing, chip and seal, trails, and bridges.

This year will feature $23.8 million for streets and roads, $2.5 million for sidewalks and alleys, and $1.4 million for bridges. Since 2014, the City has invested nearly $200 million in neighborhood infrastructure enhancements. (A listing of planned 2021 projects is attached to this news release).

Neighborhood infrastructure highlights anticipated for 2021:

  • Upgrades along 10 major traffic corridors
  • Sidewalk and ADA ramp upgrades throughout the City, including a major sidewalk project in southeast Fort Wayne
  • 5 concrete alleys
  • 3 brick alleys
  • 21 street lighting locations
  • Neighborhood concrete street rehabilitation at 11 locations
  • Approximately 50 miles of asphalt resurfacing throughout the City
  • Chip and seal work at over 50 locations
  • 5 major trail projects
  • 1 major bridge project

“Thoughtful and sound planning by the Public Works Division has helped advance our efforts to maintain and improve our infrastructure,” said Mayor Henry. “As we continue to collectively battle the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m appreciative and grateful that we’re in position to be able to do so much work in our neighborhoods.”

“We’re looking forward to a productive construction season that will result in lasting and meaningful improvements,” said Shan Gunawardena, director, City of Fort Wayne Public Works Division. “Through open dialogue and partnerships with Mayor Henry, the City Controller’s office, City Council, and neighborhood leaders, we’ve been able to develop a detailed infrastructure improvements plan that will help Fort Wayne continue as a leader in providing a safe and dependable transportation system.”

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