130 Businesses Announce Support for $220M+ Electric Works Project

130 Businesses Announce Support for $220M+ Electric Works Project

The Regional Opportunities Council (ROC), the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership’s investor board of more than 130 businesses, voted in favor of a resolution to support the development of Electric Works.

“The ROC voted to support Electric Works as a catalytic project for Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne. As we work to attract top businesses and talent, investment in bold projects like Electric Works will set our region apart in the global war for jobs,” said Raymond Kusisto, ROC Chair and CEO of Ortho NorthEast.

The resolution reads as follows:

“Whereas, RTM Ventures LLC has proposed a significant investment in the former General Electric (GE) west campus, now known as Electric Works West,

Whereas, the proposal is to redevelop Electric Works West into a mixed-use office, technology, retail and residential community, to include the 39 acres and 691,478 SF of historic, adaptive reuse of the GE facility,

Whereas, the economic impact analysis projects significant direct and indirect job creation as well as the resulting economic benefits and positive tax implications throughout the local community, region and Indiana overall,

Whereas, the Road to One Million plan calls for bold and transformative investment in our region that helps to attract and retain talent,

Whereas, the Electric Works West project is consistent with that objective,

Be it resolved on the 12th day of April, 2018, that the Regional Opportunities Council of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership supports Fort Wayne and Allen County and their efforts to further the Road to One Million plan through the Electric Works project, a bold and transformational initiative for Northeast Indiana.”

The Regional Partnership’s Governing Board, Mayors’ and Commissioners’ Caucus, Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) Council and the Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) passed similar resolutions showing support for the Electric Works project.

“Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne were recognized in the Wall Street Journal for leadership and relentless determination to redevelop the former General Electric campus to become Electric Works. Projects like this are critical to the growth and advancement of our region,” said Sherilyn Emberton, Regional Partnership Board Vice Chair and President of Huntington University.

“Businesses in all of our 11 counties are united to support the progress of our region, embrace risk and demonstrate leadership. The Regional Partnership board of directors recognizes that the Electric Works project is good for Northeast Indiana. As a company headquartered in Kosciusko County, but with operations throughout the region, we recognize that this project is simply good for all of the communities in our region,” said David Findlay, Regional Partnership Board Treasurer and President and CEO of Lake City Bank.

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